Tuesday, June 24, 2008

pie for me and pie for you

I search and search for many things, vegan girls and onion rings...

I'm exploring the questionable reality of the internet, for shapes recognized as letters, then words and finally instructions. When followed these shapes I will find will become vegan pie.

A new vegan cookbook tempts me. Ngoh seung! Ngoh seung! It's called Sinfully Vegan.

I forgot about my other tattoo appointment. It was to be my second, but became the first, for I forgot the first first. Oh well! I must craddle my earnings for future excursions in far off places, with names I do not know. Panda bear's, minorities, spice...

Tomorrow I'm moving in with La-Ra for a few weeks. I will practice guitar with fever in every finger, for soon I play for the Melbourne film festival. My musical name, no longer the banner of Talking with Friends, now it is Brendan Ontario.

boom bop loop lop


Monday, June 02, 2008


What's your favourite fruit or vegetable?

I'm sketching my newest project, a ring of fruits and vegetables to be tattooed on my chest. My last project, a scene of two robots fighting, would have been too expensive to get just now. The artist was quite good, but there is another in the same studio who'd be better suited to my love of science fiction.

On my list:

A Banana
A Carrot


New music:

El Perro Del Mar (Sweden) http://www.myspace.com/elperrodelmar
She & Him (M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel) http://www.myspace.com/sheandhim

My headphones are broken. I bought them some time last year. They're pretty in white and silver. Their sound quality is excellent so instead of wasting money on a new pair, I'll look to have them repaired. I'm not even used to walking to work without music, and that's only five minutes away.

At home, my scrolling thumb keeps coming back to The Beatles and Elliot Smith's, Roman Candle.
My guitar, neglected for much of the past several months is getting deserved attention. She sings with new strings and a clean face. She sleeps softly in a new hard case.

I'm listening to She & Him now. Their song, This is Not a Test, is golden. It's melody will rise many times in my head today. "I Thought I saw Your Face Today" would do well with many dance floor shoes.

I'm really hungry now. Off to eat I am, and maybe later to the new Indiana flick as at afternoon treat.

take care

Sunday, May 18, 2008

for the yellow, mellow sunrays.

Here we are my golden friends. Back from a long vacation, my pencil fingers scratch and scratch. I recently went to Sydney to see a girl I was once involved with in Hong Kong. She now lives in Beijing, studying Mandarin but was guided to Australia's mistaken capital city for an event she planned. This business of events is lovely. I wanted to see her so much. I was worried though, going to Sydney, seeing her again, and having those pesky insects fill my stomach. But, all was well. I behaved. I love her of course, but with more admiration than sexual attraction. Perfect.

Now, here in Melbourne, I dream of sky diving and an airline of affordable long distance flights.

the end

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Red Bean Day


Josh and I just came back from the city centre with a brand new copy of Pnau's latest masterpiece. It's blasting happily on our speakers now. WOOO!!
Pnau were one of my absolute favourite acts at Big Day Out. The joy of jumping around, crazily dancing and screaming my heart out to them is all coming back!!!

I love I love

Today I had something I haven't eaten in months. A RED BEAN BUN!
It was so scrumptious! Thank you Hongky style bakery! They also had those things I'd never eat but very much enjoy grimacing at, pork floss buns! and weird looking hot dog/sweaty cheese rolls. ewwwwwwww

Then just as I finished my red bean love affaire an Indian restaurant was at my side. I am now the proud owner of a mixture of curry and rice and a samosa. The latter is now on it's way to becoming something void of nutrient and I assume yummy taste too.
Nearly the best part of this curry mouth party is that it came with a plastic spork! How good is that?! I haven't seen a spork in ages.

Pirate's are back!

My mate's Danny and Greg, criminally known as the band, Seven Seas, are starting to gig again. Way to go you losers! You better be famous and have taken Vancouver under your pirate sails by the time I get there.

I've been working a lot more lately, leaving me pretty tuckered out for evening activities. But, I did manage to go to a masquerade party on Saturday night. My friend La-Ra invited me...even though she wouldn't be there till later. I wandered in at I guess an early time and met one of her friends Pia from Chile and a couple of her friends. I got along really well with one of them...I asked her name twice but forgot immediately, so sorted to my usual greeting, 'HEY!!' Anywho, I had an amazing time! The next day at work, however, was not so great. It was so busy! I went nine hours straight without a moments rest...so busy. I ended up hurrily washing dishes for the final two hours before gorging myself on nachos and slowly making my way home with a big slurpee in my hand...mmm cold!

Now I'm sitting here in my towel, eating curry and waiting for the final touches of sunlight on my boxers before I squirm into them. Then! I'm off to work for my first night shift. I'm going to blank out at the till I just know it! Smipsy's voice is in my head. Merry-go-round happiness!

see you sooooon darling


Friday, February 15, 2008

bed sheet ghost party!

uber busy work! It was not stop running about, pouring pots, making coffee, serving, mistaking and FUUUUN!
Hamish the Indian fella in the kitchen made me a fabulous rice dish today. We're both veggo and he was making some for himself, so he made extra. What a nice fella! It was so freaking tasty but it took me over an hour to finish because of constant orders. The till crashed last night, thus resorting to it's old self, the old menu and old prices. Kira spent the day reinputing everything on our extensive menu. Because she was occupying the till I had to hand write all the orders for the kitchen and attempt to remember who ordered what drinks during the busiest lunch we've had in over a week. Making two mistakes I forgot to ring up a glass of wine, but the lady who ordered it was honest and came in to correct her bill. The other resulted in two extra open steak sandwiches. Kira, funnily enough, put Josh to work at the counter, listing all alcoholic beverages he had...she's hillarious. So, Josh being there, looking pretty, he received one free steak sango and the other went to the kitchen. After what felt like my longest shift yet, I was fricking elated to sit down, finish my cold rice dish (thanks hamish! it was soooo gooood) and have a pitcher (jug) of beautiful Coopers Pale.

Okay it's been a few hours since I started writing that last bit. I've been bited my mozzies twice on my left foot, on both hands and my right elbow. Frick!

I got to talk to my LOVELY DARLING! But I was pretty boring, being stupidly tired and thought I had to cut our time short to either help make dinner or buy dinner as I previously offered. But! The two, were shooting lines back and forth, having an argument that didn't need to happen. I'm really impressed how little those two squabble. I'm constantly taking hints from them...
anywho, two hours of sitting around doing fuck all left me hungry. So, I made myself a weird mix of fried rice, red pepper, potato and garlic. Yeah I know, gross. But it was soo goood! Their out having dinner now. I would have greatly preferred a coffee and an absurdly long conversation with mau bau. Ngoh gwa jew lei mau bau. stupid not being able to tell the future!
It's nearly ten o'clock......I'm ready for bed....sooooon!
Mau Bau is coming to stay at the month's end! I'm going to save!!!

okay, I was going to say other things but I'm pooped.

night darling:)
I wish I could control my own dreams

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It can happen so quickly, strings rusting with neglect, brushes dried without perpose. I haven't been playing or painting for over a week. Upstairs I picked up my guitar and started playing a riff, singing a few words but nothing clicked. Aside from a few brushes which are just acceptable, I need to do some serious shopping before dabbling with colours again. I may go out to buy some nice pencil crayons today, to prepare for my next tattoo. I love tattoo's and since my first five years ago I've been working on more and more illustrations. I'm happy I haven't rushed the process. I've met and know of a few people who upon discovering their love of body art, quickly covered themselves. Now, there's barely a spot left where new idea's could happily live. After a coffee and pint at my work yesterday morning, Josh and I visited the local tattoo shop, caroused through pictures of each artist's work and talked about prices. I was hoping to get something done late next month, but they're booked fully 'til late April or May. Good news for my credit card anyway. I'm just starting to save so I can pay off a big chunk of it. It's going to take a while! haha

A Sydney artist named, Fergus Brown just popped on the radio. I didn't hear the name of the tune but it was pretty captivating. Now I'm stuck trying to remember the name of a band I was obsessed with but have completly forgotten about since the death of my iriver.

Today's my second day off. I'm not used to having the house to myself. I really don't know what to do...i'm bored. I haven't felt bored in a long time. Back to work tomorrow though, so I should make use of today...be proactive and all that jazz.

I miss Hong Kong's packed streets. There wasn't any time to feel bored. There was always something to do, friends to hang out with.

ngoh gwa jew mau bau.
ngoh ho gwa jew lei.

Monday, February 11, 2008

monday giraffe race supreme!

Kui sik gau bau.
Ngoh sik mau bau.

ho yah!


I was planning on sleep but how could I possibly achieve such a feat without being a creep and adoring my darlings new photo's. So precious they are. I miss mau bau very much. She's so adorable.

Thank you darling for all your kind words:)

I've been reduced to gurgling and thoughts of my love.

this is all I can accomplish tonight.
my big sleepy smile is for you


Friday, February 08, 2008

curtailing curtains and words of affection

Curtains rise on a scene. There's a long, white bar, a supposed bartender stands behind a till. A customer waits patiently on it's opposite side, having only just handed ninety dollars to the, once again, supposed bartender.

I completly zoned out at work today, thinking of mau bau, whilst unfortunately poised at the till, with some fella's money in my hand. He interpreted my lost face and statue form as an inability to calculate his required change. Which, when I regretfully came to, I was very much incapable of performing the operation required of me. Luckily, he just laughed a lot telling me the correct amount. Being in no position to know what the hell was going on, I trusted his words and promptly handed the amount over to him. Well, nearly so... $16.60 was the destined amount. The sixteen dollars I could handle but the three twenty cent coins were in a whole other arena of higher understanding. Sixteen dollars, plus three fifty cent coins, "There you are. Sorry about that. I had a moment of relapse there." For some alien reason this fella standing across the till from me did not go away. In fact, he not only failed to go away, but was somehow under the unlawful impression that something else was funny enough to continue being exactly where he was. He chose to express this newly discovered source of humour in the form of laugher, which somehow transformed, but not entirely so, into the words, "Been in the country long?" accompanied with a forward moving hand, in which three fifty cent coins lived. The source had been discovered, rather, finally understood by mau bau distracted ole me. The curtains fell at my toes with the sound of two men chuckling. One, a dazed bartender, managing through a smile, to announce, "Actually, I have.".

Such is a moment in the life of a love filled artist.


I have been day dreaming a lot about mau bau. It's so lovely.
I'm going to play CSS. I'll be right back.

That's better. Triple J, the radio station I usually listen to, started playing some atrocity, which through the graces of money and dozens of ass shaking, scantily clad women, each one looking nearly identical to their ass shaking peers, has escaped the aural refuse bin where it belongs. The need for CSS was immediate. Ho yah!

It smells like something's burning. I was just in the kitchen, noting the 'offness' of everything in it. So, it must be a neighbour's epicurian delights or my brain about to go loopy loopy love. I think that's a song title from the kiwi band, The Brunettes. They'll be playing part of the Laneway festival in a couple of weeks, along with Feist, The Stars, Broken Social Scene presents, Kevin Drew and lots of other worthy listens. I bought tickets for Steph, Josh and meeeeeeeeeeeeee ages ago, because it sells out so quickly.

What a good line from CSS, "Let's make love and listen to Death From Above."
Hey! if you like the band, Death From Above, you should check out, Kill Hannah. I've only managed to collect two of their tracks, both unlabeled, both awesome.

I feel so freaking honoured for mau bau to mention me in her blog:) wooooo! We're going to either constantly be insane together or adhere to a strict schedual of who's turn it is to be nutty butter, and who must reluctantly remain relatively composed for the outside world. If such a schedual must exist, I hope it comes in the form of pumpkin pie and vanilla icecream. This, I really hope is my first meal when I return to Canada. Plus, a giant pint of Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale. Not once has I seen it available during all my global traversing.

Fuck Yeah! It just starting pissing it down. Now I'm all wet after putting out the kiddy pool and two "specially crafted" styrofoam rain catching boxes. ho yah ho yah

These are my ideal breakup lyrics,

"So if someday we get to meet again,
In a car crash, plane wreak, or terrorist attempt
Or maybe next Thursday night,
Don't bother saying, 'hi'.
I'll be rude, I'll be rude, I'll be rude, woo-hoo!
I'll be rude, I'll be rude, I'll be rude, woo-hoo!
I'll be rude, I'll be rude, I'll be rude, woo-hoo!
Only with you! Only with you!

I really do love the sounds of CSS.

picture time everyone! be right back!
For today's images I went for the lighting that best shows my comfortable, quietly joyous disposition.

take care all

yours truly